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We are a West Australian based designer and manufacturer of UAVs. Persistent brings together a small team of highly skilled engineers, technicians, and entrepreneurs that are the cutting edge of UAV innovation and capability advancement.

 Dwain J Hill

Dwain J Hill

Founder & CEO

Dwain, the Founder & CEO of Persistent Aerospace, is a self-confessed technology enthusiast and entrepreneur with a passion for all things electronic.

Dwain brings with him a lifetime of innovation in the communications and aerospace field specialising in radio frequency innovation, in both civil and military sectors.

Dwain’s distinguished career began in commercial communication and rapidly progressed to General Aviation helicopters, General Aviation avionics, Military contracting employed by Celsius Hawker Pacific, and the airline industry.

Beyond the Aerospace industry, Dwain has proven his business success as owner and director of Ben Linden Pty Ltd, which successfully operated a significant group of child care centres.

Significantly back in the 1990’s a fellow engineer once said to Dwain that “An aircraft is more than a life support system for an avionics package” ……….

Whilst slightly amused at the time by the comment, Dwain accepted those words as a challenge.

The personofication of that challenge is Persistent Aerospace.

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Thomas Henderson

Thomas Henderson

Chief Innovation Officer

Business Partner Thomas Henderson is Chief Innovation Officer. Thomas holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Design and Commerce from University of WA. He has been flying and designing UAVs for more than 10 years.




Marc Hurley

Marc Hurley

Director - Airframe & Powerplant Specialist

As a helicopter Airframe/Engine and Structural Specialist, Marc brings a wealth of high tech aviation skills to the Persistent Team.

With a talent for structural and mechanical prototype design he only utilises aviation grade materials and hardware in developing Persistent’s innovative UAV’s.

Originally a Coppersmith Sheet Metal Worker apprentice at the Royal Naval Aircraft Yard Fleetlands (now Vector Aerospace) Marc further developed his skill set by becoming a Licensed Aircraft Mechanical Engineer on various modern helicopters in the offshore and SAR worlds.

With over 30 years in the aviation industry his previous experience encompasses both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, examples including

-coordinating and implementing the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s F-16 modification programs
-coordinating and implementing the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s Sea King SAR modification program
-overseeing a team of engineers during the Airbus A340-600 avionics production program

As a former Utility Winch Operator and current Lead SAR Crewman for the UAE Desert Challenge, one of Marc’s passions is to help develop a capability for drones in the SAR World.

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Here's a few disclaimers for those who like to read all to the way to the fine print.
This web site is intended to introduce you to Persistent Aerospace, our people, our philosophy, and provide enough information to whet your appetite for our technology and it's potential application.
We have gone to quite some lengths to protect our intellectual property, concept ideas, and defense export restricted products  from the bad dudes who would love to copy it. This is the reason that we have no actual current product images or descriptions on the page.

Persistent Aerospace warrants that Persistent is the only Mil-Spec persistent drone manufacturer in Northbridge.


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